1. lupusomega:

    "I did. I had to try.
     I can’t just sit back and 
     do nothing will people die.”


    "I didn’t say do nothing!

          …Just don’t do that. 

                      Ever again.”

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  3. wolfcub-mccall:

              “Yeah- Don’t touch my butt.” 


    Don’t? Okay.”

    She’s touching the butt again anyway.

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  5. Please reblog this if we can rp on kik

  6. Scallison au with this, yes absolutely.

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  8. thewailingxwoman:


    Medieval aus. Bring me them.

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  10. Teen Wolf AU: Roman empire, ancient Rome.

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  12. imagineyourotp:

    Imagine your OTP with a newborn baby. The baby wakes them up crying in the middle of the night. Person A says it’s their turn to get up and for Person B to stay in bed. B can’t fall back asleep and after a little while goes out to join A who is sitting on the couch giving the baby a bottle. A looks up, and they just smile at each other, because they’re both exhausted but still so completely happy.

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  14. So I just want


    a smut!verse?

    Like, there’d probably be other things involved, of course. But I just want a verse where it’s understood that there’ll be a whole buttload of various kinds of smut.

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  16. : Daddies

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  18. wants a verse where muse a is a knight escorting muse b ( a princess or something ) to someone they’re set to marry, but muse a and muse b fall in love along the way.

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